Sales & Service Inc – Chris Winn

Sales & Service Inc - Chris Winn

Company: Sales & Service, Inc.


Realizing the need for a service and a relationship based representative company, Bill Winn founded Sales & Service Incorporated in 1989. Located in the heart of Orange County, SSI has emerged as a proven and dedicated manufacturer’s representative for over 20 years.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional level of service that is mutually beneficial to our customers and principals. We at SSI understand the importance of communication and strive to provide a smooth channel of correspondence that ensures a productive and supportive link to facilitate the flow of business. At SSI, all of our efforts are focused towards building strong, long term relationships between ourselves, the customer, and the principal.

SSI’s product line includes industry leading consumable products and equipment for the packaging, testing, and reliability areas of the Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Hybrid industries. SSI takes great care in selecting our partners and are proud to offer products from these companies.