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About Electronics Representatives Association, Southern California Chapter

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  ERA Southern California
  PO Box 7423
  Capistrano Beach, CA 92624


The ERA Southern California territory is bounded on the north by the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Kings, Tulare and Inyo, inclusive (postal ZIP codes 900-935) and covers the State of Baja California in Norte Mexico.

In Southern Nevada it is bounded on the north by the Counties of Esmeralda, Nye and Lincoln, inclusive (postal ZIP codes 889-893).

Here is a PDF of the EIA UTP Territory Description.

    2018 OFFICERS

Board Members

Chairman of the Board - Mark Hahn/David Berryman-back up
President - Scott Larson
Vice President - Open
Treasurer - Open
National Delegate - Doug Johnson
Membership - Gary Smith
Shows - Blair Larson
Secretary - Bobbi Scobie
Distribution - Open
Government Affairs - Open


  •  1945 Jerry Hill
  •  1946 Carl Stone, Sr.
  •  1947 Norm Neely
  •  1948 Dave Marshank
  •  1949 Gerald Miller
  •  1950 Harold Kittleson
  •  1951 Ernie Roberts
  •  1952 John Tubergen
  •  1953 John Hill
  •  1954 George Davis
  •  1955 Bert Knight
  •  1956 Vern Rupp
  •  1957 Wally Harmon
  •  1958 Chuck Fetty
  •  1959 Bob Boniface
  •  1960 Jack Berman
  •  1961 Ed McCarthy
  •  1962 Lou Snitzer
  •  1963 Jack Carter
  •  1964 John O'Halloran
  •  1965 Milt Stolaroff
  •  1966 Larry Courtney
  •  1967 Bert Moore
  •  1968 Larry Porter
  •  1969 Dick Strassner
  •  1970 Harrison Frank
  •  1971 Russ Bidwell
  •  1972 Ed Landa
  •  1973 Bob King
  •  1974 Rick Weiss
  •  1975 Rick Weiss
  •  1976 Mark Markman
  •  1977 Len Rosen
  •  1978 Dick Gravely
  •  1979 Dick Jensen
  •  1980 George Ufen
  •  1981 Art Eggert
  •  1982 Jim Minyard
  •  1983 Jim Reed
  •  1984 Ron Bernard
  •  1985 Bob Groh
  •  1986 Barry Krauss
  •  1987 Don Hennelly
  •  1988 Jim Jordan
  •  1989 Don West
  •  1990 Melissa Dickerson
  •  1991 Larry Feige
  •  1992 Bill Sullivan
  •  1993 Craig Bassett
  •  1994 Ron Schwartz
  •  1995 Dennis McGillis
  •  1996 Cameron English
  •  1997 Joe Maiocco, Jr.
  •  1998 Joe Maiocco, Jr.
  •  1999 Bob Baxter
  •  2000 Jay Ownby
  •  2001 Bill Quinton
  •  2002 Dan Parks
  •  2003 George Gibbons
  •  2004 Bob O'Brien
  •  2005 Steve Geldman
  •  2006 Tom Felts
  •  2007 Gary Smith
  •  2008 Bill Herold
  •  2009 Ed Reese
  •  2010 Jay Walters
  •  2011 Tim Wolfe
  •  2012 Steve Tennessen
  •  2013 Doug Johnson
  •  2014 David Berryman
  •  2015 David Berryman
  •  2016 Mark Hahn
  •  2017 Mark Hahn
  •  2018 Mark Hahn



Committees are the heart of ERA, and involved in every aspect of
chapter operations. Business is conducted by the Chapter Board,
Chapter Committees and the Chapter Office. Committees and
their recommendations make things happen.












The Best ERA Chapter

Congratulations on being the best chapter in ERA.

Some think our chapter is pretty good, and it’s true. In seven of the last eight years we have won ERA Chapter Of The Year awards, seeming to confirm that we are doing something right.

Many chapters have declining membership. Ours has been flat for eight years and while some have financial problems, we have been in the black for seven of the last eight years.

Some of our events are terrific and others are pretty tame but serve to educate us about important topics.

Our chapter is different.
Members continuously work to keep it inventive, active and looking forward.

Distributor members.
Since 2004 distributor members have helped us by adding another perspective and contributing to the dialog.

Owner’s Forums
Our chapter created Owner’s Forums in 1995. Harrison Frank has moderated most of them and occasional guest hosts help to keep it interesting.

Social events
Spring and summer we have evening social events 100 miles apart at opposite ends of our region to encourage mixing of customers, distributors and reps in a casual setting. Two hundred attendees over the two venues is an indication of their popularity.

Friday breakfast
Every Friday morning since 1996 members have enjoyed conversation over breakfast in Tustin and since 2001 the same happens monthly in Calabasas. This is a great opportunity to meet and talk with other reps on a regular basis.

Since the 1960s we have produced tabletop shows that bring out customers to see our people and products. They are as popular now as ever. We usually plan four per year.

Our Industry
The past two decades have seen maturation, consolidation and exportation of the electronics industry unlike anything in our history. Many manufacturing companies in Southern California during the 1980s are no longer here, or their manufacturing has moved away. But we keep on selling.

All of the innovations above were done by chapter members. Their contributions continue to benefit us, themselves and our industry. The way to get something out of an association is to participate.

Let’s continue to work at advancing the rep profession.



About ERA National

In 1935 The Representatives of Radio Parts Manufacturers was founded in New York City. By 1936 membership had grown to 78 and plans were initiated to establish "chapters" or "sections" in leading cities throughout the country. During these early days the association established its bylaws and initial objective -- "To create a spirit of mutual respect, esteem and cooperation among its members and the radio and allied industries" -- paving the way for the future.

During the latter half of the 1940s the office operation of the association was moved from New York to Chicago. Staff members were hired to help the Industry Relations Committee publish directories and send mailings to industry members. In 1948 the first Representor newsletter was published.

In the 1950s the first, full-time executive director was hired to manage the affairs of the national operation. In 1958, the association changed its name to the Electronics Representatives Association.

About Southern California ERA

In 1945 the Los Angeles chapter of “The Representatives” evolved from the Radio Boosters Club organized in 1933.

In 1951 we incorporated as a non-profit: The Los Angeles Chapter of Representatives, Inc.

In 1961 our name was amended to: Southern California Chapter Of The Electronic Representatives Association.

We remain the Southern California Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association. Our separate, member owned, 501(c)(6) California Corporation formed in 1945 predates our affiliation with ERA in 1961. ERA National is part owner of EDS, we are not. ERA National has manufacturer members, we do not. ERA National and our chapter each have distributor members.



Associations have the power to transform society for the better.

Southern California ERA produces dozens of educational, trade show and social experiences each year, publishes ERA Today Newsletter and a weekly email newsletter, provide hundreds of web-based tools and resources, and helps members connect via meetings, forums, breakfasts and other activities.

ERA members are independent businesses selling electronic products for more than one manufacturer to customers in a given geographic territory.

Southern California ERA helps members be knowledgeable, professional sales and business people via education, training, publications, trade shows and opportunities to meet with other reps, distributors and manufacturers for mutual benefit.

We are the largest chapter in the ERA. Our territory stretches from Central California through Orange County and the desert counties into Southern Nevada. Many members have significant business in San Diego and Mexico.

Members provide high value services to manufacturers and their customers. They are experts who know the territory and are skilled in identifying new opportunities. They develop new customers, serve existing customers and manage strategic accounts ranging from tiny to the largest names in the industry.

ERA rep firms sell products in virtually all market groups:

  • Communications: mobile communications systems, telecommunications, two-way radio, wireless systems.
  • Components: active and passive components, interconnect, power sources and other OEM products.
  • Computer: office/home computer systems, LAN, multi-media, graphics, data communications.
  • Consumer Electronics: audio/video, personal entertainment and communications, and personal computers.
  • Instrumentation: test and measurement, data acquisition, control systems, quality control.
  • Materials, Assembly & Production: printed circuit fabrication, inspection equipment, ESD/EOS materials.
  • RF/Microwave: RF components, sub-assemblies, transmission lines, specialized instrumentation.
  • Sound, Audio-Visual, Electronic Security: professional sound, audio/video and security products.

For more information, call 949-339-9451 or e-mail the Chapter office.

    Contributor to Success

  • ERA, the voice of manufacturers representatives, contributes to member success.
  • ERA creates an atmosphere for business opportunities.
  • The ERA is a partnership of National and Chapter; the sum is greater than its parts.


We help members be better business people and better sales people.

ERA Southern California
PO Box 7423
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

    ERA Meetings

Chapter Meetings - Dinner meetings feature experts in technology, business, finance and government, discussing topics of interest to everyone.

Joint Meetings - The Chapter hosts seminars and meetings with other industry groups active in engineering, purchasing, distribution and management.

Business and Finance - Advice on tax planning and financial controls, legal guidance and business organization are features of specialized seminars.

Educational Programs - Seminars to upgrade computer skills, product knowledge, office technologies and selling techniques for field and office staff.

Owners' Forums - Rep firm owners meet in a casual atmosphere over lunch to exchange ideas on a specific subject. Attendees arrive prepared to contribute and a moderator keeps the conversation moving. An outside expert is sometimes on hand to answer technical questions and provide advice.

   ERA Markets its Members

Online Product Directory - Published by the Southern California Chapter, it lists all members, with individual pages for representatives to showcase their manufacturers and products, services, facilities and capabilities with a cross referenced product index and directory of manufacturers. Companies seeking representation in Southern California look to our directory first - a definite edge for members in obtaining new lines.

Electronics Industry Locator - This nationally distributed Electronics Representatives Directory published by ERA National includes a listing of ERA member firms indexed by chapter and provides information on each member firm including ownership, facilities and services, territory, product specialties, number of employees and branch offices. It lists thousands of electronics industry manufacturers' representatives, identifying major areas of product interest.

    ERA Showtime

Electro-tech Shows - Components, systems and technical products are featured at our tabletop trade shows in engineering and purchasing centers throughout Southern California. ERA reps and Distributors participate in these "invitation-only" one-day events displaying new and popular products.

Electronic Distribution Show -

Del Mar Electronics Show -

    The ERA National Partner

ERA members belong to a Chapter - Southern California - and to the National organization. ERA National provides many services to members, including:

What is ERA? - ERA is the international association of professional field sales representatives and their marketplace partners, electronics industry manufacturers who go to market through reps and electronics industry distributors. The association's member rep firms sell more than $40 billion annually in electronics products for thousands of manufacturers. Further details on the organization are available at

Lines Available
- A monthly list is sent to all members of manufacturers seeking representation, by geography, product category and customer base. Computerized Lines Available listings are a feature for members-only at ERA booths at leading trade shows. A Hot Lines service allows a manufacturer to target a single listing to member firms in selected market groups or territories.

The Representor - This magazine reports on industry, economic and government influences on the representative system of selling, along with business advice and case studies.

Contract Guidelines - Sample contracts establish guidelines for legal relationships between representatives and manufacturers and representatives and employees.

Management Conferences - Multi-day national programs involve workshops, seminars and panel discussions to develop management, operating and selling techniques.

Certification Programs - ERA is a charter participant in the Certified Professional Manufacturers' Representative (CPMR) program, an accredited three-year curriculum designed for representatives seeking the highest levels of skill and knowledge at Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis.

Manufacturer Members - Manufacturers working with ERA members may join ERA and participate in conferences and other activities.

Electronics Representatives Association
309 W. Washington St., Suite 500 - Chicago, Illinois 60606
312.419.1432 Phone
312.419.1660 Fax

    ERA Dues

Any representative handling two or more electronics-related product lines is encouraged to join ERA. Members belong to National ERA and a chapter and may join additional Chapters.

Dues are calculated on the number of full-time employees in the member firm.

SoCal, including San Diego:
    People Annual Dues
1-3 $ 350
4-9 $ 500
10+ $ 600
San Diego only:
1-3 $ 250
4-9 $ 250
10+ $ 250



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